Trip Reports

Sandbagged | Makeda BarkleyThe story of a failed journey, commonly experienced firsthand by the author. Intended destination: South Six Shooter tower. Actual destination: Approximately 1.6 miles in a sandy wash.


The Off-Season | Levy Casey | May 2020

The excitement of changing scenery contrasted with a sense of near-constant nostalgia plagues the transient life of a seasonal river guide. In a brief but gripping glimpse of his own experience, Levy Casey captures the ethos of this lifestyle in the best way he knows how: through rivers.

Now is the Time | Madeline Friend | April 2020

Flagstaff has been hit by COVID-19 like the other tourist towns of the Four Corners region. Instead of wishing for a return to the way things were, however, one river guide issues a call to action to the guide industry, asking us to break the mold of inequality and worker oppression and to create a new, better way moving forward.

Meet Doom | Max Owens | March 2020

What is it, exactly, that captures the adventure mindset of those that call the Four Corners region their home? For some, it’s creativity in the variety of means of exploration. For others, it’s the suffer factor. For Steve “Doom” Fassbinder, it’s a little of both, and he intends to share it with you.

Bitches on Pitches | June 2018

Mary Eden and Mercadi Carlson have dedicated their lives to climbing. After the two met just over a year ago, they became inseparable, pushing each other to climb harder, constantly making and meeting new and challenging goals.

 A Love Affair With the Desert | Angus Taylor | July 2018

It was happening. I’d finally scrounged together enough pennies to find myself on a plane to the states. I had one mission: Get to Yosemite....Which is the one thing that didn’t end up happening. What happened instead was the last thing I had expected; a love affair with the desert.



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Interested in contributing to The Dust Magazine? Check out our submissions page.