Our Mission

The Dust, centered in the Four Corners of the Colorado Plateau, aims to share the creative energy of the desert to the mountains with its inhabitants, passers-through, and far-off observers. We feature art, culture, and adventure as it is experienced through the eyes of our contributors.  It is a collaborative, community-based platform that is built through a connection between the odd, eccentric, adventurous people and their various passions. The Dust provides an outlet for creativity, introspection, and art of all kinds.

The Team

Jacque Garcia

Executive Editor | contact@thedustmag.com

Drawn to Moab for its world-renown climbing and outdoors scene, she made the small town with an international audience her home base and became a part of a community that offers so much more.

Emma Renly

Director of Operations | emmarenly@gmail.com

Lives in her truck down by the river. You'll often find her actively looking for nice dogs to pet or talking about how radical the rivers are in California.

Jojo Matson

Outreach & Creative Director 

A Midwest graphic designer corrupted by the sandstone walls and red water in the Desert Southwest. Now sporting her new title as an archaeologist Indina Jojo is ready to conquer anything thrown her way.

Allie Dyer Bluemel

Lead Editor | @dustycomforts

Allie’s love of all things weird and wild came from her commune-style upbringing among whitewater guides in southern CO. Today, she travels the desert southwest with her dog Powell in her DIY van build to collect strange stories and odd hobbies. You can find her getting dusty in a desert near you.

Henry Frawley-Fulcher

Staff Photographer and IT Dude

Henry is a photographer, intermittent van-lifer, and lover of adventures and shenanigans from the Arizona desert. He’s usually on the road, up for anything, and has a smile on his face.


Contributing Photographer + Artist

Born and raised in Egypt, Hassnaa dabbles in a multitude of art forms including graphic design, digital illustration, and photography. Her inspiration comes primarily from boredom, caffeine, and apathy.

︎ hello@dustcreative.co