Times are strange and love hurts as much as it always has. Here’s an ode to feeling the love, the pain, and the sun on your skin.

Author | Anonymous

Corona destroyed my love life- but in a way I’m grateful.

Hear me out.

I started dating a guy a couple weeks before this all went down. We were like… super into each other. He and I had both gotten out of serious relationships shortly before meeting, so we decided to take it slow.

Well, here’s the thing... When you're quarantined with someone during a global pandemic, it is nearly impossible to take things slow. We both needed a great amount of emotional support, but also weren’t able to offer that to one another.

These are hard times. It has proven to be really difficult to bring my all to the table, to not act selfish in my needs. So, since we couldn’t figure out a way to slow things down, we broke it off completely.

I miss pandemic sex, a lot. But I do not miss feeling responsible for someone else’s emotions during such intense and stressful circumstances. I am hella single. As much as I want to go out, socialize and hookup with random men- I can’t. That’s a good thing.

When getting out of relationship, you can use partying and casual sex as a way to run away from your feelings- but unless you are being very mindful, it’s hard to fully heal in that manner.

So here’s to sitting with ourselves, laughing out loud with no one else in the room and getting goosebumps from the sun kissing our skin. I hope you fall in love with yourself, again.

Published May 11th 2020

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