A Naturalist’s Musings

By | Kevin Niehaus
Issue VI

I've worked and lived in Moab as a Naturalist Guide off and on for 3 years now.  I work for Canyonlands Field Institute as their Senior Naturalist Guide, which gives me the great opportunity to be deep in the field and helping others appreciate Nature.

Ever since coming to Moab and working for CFI I have been exposed to many magnificent nature writers and poets.  Which has finally inspired me to try and write out some of my thoughts and impressions of the natural world that I find so fascinatingly beautiful. 

At CFI we have an activity that we prompt on nearly every trip, the Sit Spot.  Essentially it's a constructed time to sit alone in Nature and attempt to translate your mood, thoughts, or impressions onto paper.  Either through drawing, painting, writing, or whatever medium speaks to you. This activity is an amazing way to get to know a place and is an even better way to explore the mind and cleanse out the thoughts.  I love this activity so much that I have adopted it into my own life, and encourage all others to do the same. It's such a positive experience and has done wonders for my mental health.

Beyond feeling refreshed, doing Sit Spots has forced me to attempt to quantify my thoughts into writing.  I don't think by any means I'm a professional writer, but I have surprised myself and been proud of what I have been able to create during these solo adventures into the wilderness that surrounds this amazing town.

I love Moab and the Canyonlands region, and my entire goal here is to help others see and experience the amazing beauty of this landscape. So hopefully sharing some of my writing can help do that for others, like the writings of many a Naturalist before have done for me.


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