Poems for our Ex-Lovers Volume II:

Little Black Book Edition


100 pages of poetry and photography revolving around the theme of ex-lovers, organized by myths from all over the world.

Lead Editor | Jacque Garcia

Assistant Editors | Emma Renly, Jenna Talbott, Kyla Anne Spencer, Michelle Griffith

Photographer | Nathan Rist

Cover Art | Brandon Berkel

Contributors | Amber McDaniel, Amy Leona Havin, Anna Meteyer, Catherine Phillips, Chris Whalen, Christine Reed, Danielle Jenkins, Desirae Lynn, Emily Arendht, Emma Renly, Erin Connery, Hannah Sisler, Ian Clough, Ivy Akers, Jacque Garcia, Jane Vagen, Jenna Talbott, Jess Wagner, Joli Stavish, Josie Kovach, Kunal Agrawal, Kyla Anne Spencer, Lane Undhjem, Laura Duncan, Logan Farrow, Mara MacDonnell, Nica Morrison, Parker Marlow, Sarah Tyler, Stephanie Osan

Models | Cynthia Johnson, Dan Enright, Emma Renly, Erika Bush, Jacque Garcia, Kyla Anne Spencer, Logan Einhorn, Michelle Griffith, Scarlet Sage, Stephen Burns

Poems for our Ex-Lovers Volume I:

The 5 Stages of Grief 


100 pages of poetry with art illustrations revolving around the 5 stages of grief we go through with ex-lovers.

Editors | Jacque Garcia, Jenna Talbott, Parker Marlow, Josie Kovash, Molly Hazell
Illustrations |

Cover Art | Dailey Haren
Book Design | Emma Renly, Jojo Maston

Contributers | “ADP,” Andrea Burggraf, Chris Whalen, Dylan Manderlink, Emma Renly, Dailey Haren, Erin Connery, Hannah Sisler, Hassnaa, Jacque Garcia, Jenna Talbott, Jojo Maston, Jonathan Amador, Kunal Argawal, Laura Duncan, Leo Anders, Levi Weiler, Molly Hazell, Molly Halfman, Noah Ferriera, Parker Marlow, Ryan Pohl, Seamus Cronin, Sophia Ernest, Tiffany Jade, Will Fulwider

Combo Package:

Poems for our Ex-Lovers Volume I and II 


For the price of $50, order both Volume I and II of Poems for our Ex-Lovers. 

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