The Dust Mag - Trashcannon: An interview with Durango-based artist Caitlin Cannon about life, music, and releasing an album during a pandemic

“Caitlin Cannon is a truth-telling, sass-bringing, inequality-fighting, full-time musician and part-time hair salon owner based in Durango, Colorado. Her breakout solo album, wittily titled “Trashcannon,” will breathe life into your quarantine on May 15.”

The Moab Times-Independent - Trashion Show unites queer culture and sustainability in costumed dance party

“On Friday, Feb. 16 the Resiliency Hub partnered with Moab’s LGBTQIA community to bring the Trashion Show to life — a show where attendees wore self-created and upcycled outfits for dancing, a drag show and a costume contest at Woody’s Tavern.”

Tiny Office Traveler - Find Your Monkey Wrench

“Ethel Branch, Attorney General of the Navajo Nation, expanded on this, saying, “In order to conduct our prayers and in order to conduct our ceremonies, we have to have access to Bears Ears. The plants, the dirt, the particular spaces at Bears Ears have unique healing power.”